Zoom in on safety and savings.

Above and Beyond utilizes software that allows customers to zoom in on their worksite. Greater than and certainly more current than Map providers on the market today.

All our Deliverables are Georeferenced, 2D and 3D maps provided. Turn point clouds on or off. Check Elevation models as needed, make volumetric measurements, check square footage or simply consult the orthomosaic tiff. The options are all there delivered daily, as it’s taking place or as per your request. We’re at your service.

Our micro four thirds cameras have interchangeable lenses with the capabilities to get you as close or as wide a view as you may require. Daily video flybys are delivered and make for great marketing and stakeholder tools for your company.

Client Markup pre/post inspection

With Above and Beyond, if you don’t look good, We don’t look good. We strive to help you make the difference your company may need to win out over the competition.

Consult with us today for your on going or future needs and let’s put together a program that’s right for your company’s needs both today and in the future.