Proven UAV use case studies

UAV use case studies

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are not just for the future, they’re being used now in multiple industries with case studies for building contractors et. al;¬† showing how technology of today can save your company on time and costly reinspections.

Asset protection, Crop management, Solar arrays, Line inspection, Tower inspections, Construction project management are just a few of the areas these high tech, 4K UHD Aerial and ground UAV’s are being used across the Nation.

Building contractors utilize Photogrammetry which allows for accurate measurements for inspection and area quotations. Volumetric measurements of stockpiles can be completed faster than ever before; the list goes on and on and the technology advances each year.

To see how this technology can be put to use for your company and how we can save you time and money overall, call or email us for a consultation and demonstration.

Our Experienced UAV Pilots are FAA Flight Certified. All UAV’s are FAA registered.