Project Planning and Analyses

Construction sites under development can change on a daily basis and often change significantly on a weekly or monthly basis. Depending on how quickly progress is moving, weekly or monthly progress updates using orthomosaic maps may be exactly what the project management team needs.

In construction, architecture, and engineering, more than any other industries, there is a need to share information amongst team members and work collaboratively in order to maintain a project timeline. We make it easy to share this data whether that is via a link to view the interactive orthomosaic or simply a place to download the file(s).

Beyond the standard visualization of the property from above, data from mapping can be used for thermal analysis (requires IR capture), measurements, roof condition reporting, and even volumetrics.  Stockpile Reports take the drone data captured by FAA Certified Remote pilot’s In Command (RPIC) and generate an orthomosaic, and pulling volumetric stockpile measurements for customers.

Ultimately by integrating orthomosaic mapping solutions and drone data into daily work flows, Clients can improve safety by hiring a drone Pilot (FAA RPIC), reduce costs and time on-site, all while gathering the needed data in order to ensure the property is in the best possible condition.

Always Check credentials and ensure your Drone / UAV Pilot has an up to date FAA Part 107 Certification Card which is required, by Law, to fly Commercially in the United States.

If the card is Two years old or older an accompanying Re-Certification Document should be presented to your. Never put your Business at stake by using a Non Certified Pilot.