Preparation Ensures flight safety and FAA inspection clearance

Proper mission Preparation Ensures flight safety and FAA inspection clearance as well as piece of mind prior to UAV flights.

When A crew from arrives on site to fly a mission the aircraft is but one part of the overall process.
Behind the scenes and prior to any flight there’s work to be done to ensure not only a safe flight mission but also to be in compliance with FAA regulations. You never know when you might be singled out for operations inspection.

Prior to any flight, airspace and regulations of that airspace are checked. Weather, a key factor when flying, must be thought of as part of the flight itself. Wind and gusts as well as cloud formations and placement (METARS) all effect operations and safety of flight.
A crew will have planned the site utilizing aeronautical charts, FAA website portals, Temporary flight restrictions, if any, all prior to any flight operation.

Records are equally as important; Aircraft registration and maintenance, Pilot in command’s certification is on hand, our operations manual and flight records, Vests and any necessary personal protection equipment in addition to any waivers, if required are in place and on hand for inspection by FAA or other authorities.

Additional Aircraft are also part of all operations. The last thing you or your client wants or needs to see is that a planned operation cannot be carried out because of a malfunction. Time is money in any business and one must have contingencies in place.

We bring several aircraft as well as ground cameras and 3 axis hand held stabilizers with additional monitors to each project to be ready and able to fulfill a clients on site additional needs.

Being well prepared can and does save time and money for both parties and enables us to fulfill additional requests while on site. A satisfied customer is our priority.

Our Pilots are FAA certified and all aircraft are FAA registered. Always ask to see a pilots certification!