Palm Bay Florida Building Apartment Complex

Palm Bay, Florida is adding a new Apartment Complex in the area at the Intersection of US Highway 1 and Robert J Conlan Blvd.

Early reports were stated as 280 to 300 apartments would be built as the area continues to build and grow.

Below is a Video of Construction as it stands now.

Did You Know: We’ve got 10,000 people retiring a day in the United States. We are seeing an average of four people leaving (the construction industry), and only one person coming in to the industry a day. That’s not sustainable. The Industry needs to get into the classroom and tell young people why construction is a great career path for them.

Only 3 in 10 kids will actually complete a 4-year degree. Those other seven need to know that this industry is a lucrative option. “We’ve challenged our members to get into the classrooms and encouraged teachers to reach out to local contractors. We want our members to get students on the jobsite so they can see what a job looks like in the industry. We also have encouraged members to be available for guidance when these students are coming out of high school”. AGC Georgia