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 Above and Beyond and your Company working together

Our FAA certified Pilots operate our drone (UAS) program that includes both the drone (UAV) mission planning element and the data analysis and inspection reporting in both real time and near real time deliverables. Our in house software can provide you with both security end-to-end capability.

We have over twenty eight years experience in Emergency Services; Ten years in Defense Contracts management and actual Military grade structural aircraft mechanics –  We provide the experience you need for safe, repeatable and accurate flight and data analysis.

Our Professional platforms have the Latest technology built in, Micro Four Thirds Ultra High Definition and 4K Cameras and interchangeable Lenses, GPS, IMU, VPS, “sense and Avoid” and dedicated remote controllers for both single and two man operations. Our systems, when needed can be set to automatically manage complex Flight plans/patterns when required for Safe flight missions, so we can focus on acquiring the data and getting the job done and delivered to you. Repeatable datasets you can count on.

Our platforms offer industry-leading capabilities for geospatial data processing, analytics and collaboration, including instant volumetric calculations and the ability to track changes and assets over time.

It is important to mirror ( or start ) your inspection, asset and data workflow with a software program that compliments it. Our Drone, Software and Inspection platforms deliver an end-to-end solution that supports not only mission planning but data analysis and delivery to you as per your specifications. This ensures compliance, management oversight and a high-quality data system and end product.

Real Time Data – we deliver real time Photography and Videography via multipath methods.
Near Real Time Data – When the Computational data analysis is completed it is instantly sent to you for analysis. 
water pipelines
water pipeline layout pre -inspection phase

Remember to think about what the end goal is – actionable data that saves you time and money. Our Drone program can provide your company with high quality, consistent and repeatable data sets. Real time NADIR and video data is provided while Computational analysis is taking place.

Our Business Information Systems and Geospatial Information Management is kept on our system and not entered into any cloud server. Your data is just that, yours.

With Above and Beyond as your data provider, delivering an end-to-end package, you have the key to a successful Enterprise drone operation.

Company Overview

AboveAndBeyond.global is a leading Drone End to End Service company. We acquire, process, and deliver actionable aerial data to enterprise customers. Above and Beyond utilizes best-in-class technology to outfit its fleet of drones and highly trained, Insured, FAA certified, pilots whom perform operations that are without exception safe, legal, and reliable. We ensure that the data products being delivered to our customers provide intelligence that adds value to their business, saving them both time and money.

We don’t make drones. We make drones work for you.

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