Melbourne Airport not a part of FAA LAANC system

Orlando Melbourne International Airport is not currently operational for Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles under the FAA LAANC ( Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability ) system.

As such, all UAV operations must be conducted under the FAA’s part 107 rules as President Trump signed into Law the FAA Re-Authorization Act this week.

This means all Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles must be operated by FAA Certified Pilots flying FAA Registered Aircraft in conjunction with FAA Facility Maps.

Any other Flight operations constitute a violation of the Law and carry Fines as well as the possible loss of the UAV to deterrent services.

Above And Beyond Global, LLC. Flight operations are carried out by fully Registered UAV’s and FAA Certified Pilots operating under FAA Airspace Authorization.

We encourage Clients to request to see FAA registration(s), FAA Pilot Certifications and any operational Waivers or Authorizations issued by the FAA before any UAV / Drone service is provided for or to their Company.