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Changing the Property Insurance Industry with Drone Technology

Both Homeowner and Insurance Companies alike can benefit from property inspection both before and after disaster strikes.

Homeowners can document Roof Inspection, condition and measurements as well as any Fencing, Sheds, patio furniture, etc. that you may have and wish to have covered and or replaced by the insurance company in the event of accident or mother nature.

Homeowners need to be aware that if they can’t prove a loss, they’ll have a hard time getting a structure covered or replaced. Pre Inspections produce tangible evidence, photographic and videographic, which includes measurements putting the burden of proof on the insurance company.

If you have ever had a loss or reason to make a claim in the past, you know just how important documentation can be as far as coverage and claims are concerned.

Property Coverage

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Insurance Companies Tips Include Homeowners;  Inventory high-dollar household items, including receipts, purchase dates, and serial numbers. Photograph or videotape possessions. Keep copies of this information with your insurance policies and cards in a safe place.
Print insurance policies and take note of hurricane deductibles. Most policies have a hurricane deductible equivalent to 2 percent to 5 percent of a home’s insured value. That means you are responsible for that portion of the repair costs.

Insurance Companies

In the field, on site inspections of property, vehicle accidents, scene forensics are all important reasons many companies Nationwide are moving ahead with unmanned aerial vehicle (Drone) inspections.

Knowledge is power and the power of photography and videography both aerial and on the ground, provided in 4K Ultra High Definition can be the deciding factor in a claims proceeding and dispute. 

Above and Beyond uses the latest high resolution aerial platforms available to provide your company with the evidence it needs to be successful in your determinations while conforming to your claims procedures. whether your needs are ground based 4k UHD photo and video proof or combined with aerial, we have the technology and the equipment to provide you with the evidence you’ll need in today’s claims market.

Property Coverage

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