Florida Homeowner’s your Insurance Policy

Florida went through Three back-to-back Hurricanes the later part of 2004. The State was on Fire in 1998, southern Brevard County sustained heavy Fire activities in 2008. If you were not prepared then, make sure you are NOW.

Texas is experiencing what Florida has been lucky to avoid for a ten year period. Should Residents be gambling with their property vs. their Insurance much longer?

Have your Roof and Property Filmed, Photographed, Measured and Documented before disaster strikes your home.

Make sure your Roof, Fence, Shed’s and the like are fully documented in case of loss, before any loss occurs.

Be Proactive, call or Email AboveAndBeyond.global today so you’ll be covered tomorrow. In Florida, It’s not a matter of IF, but When will nature strike again.

Remember, the State building code is relaxing but that doesn’t mean you should.