FEMA payout and Appeal

Recently a woman stopped in the middle of the road, jumped out and started snapping pictures of the general area. This woman was working for FEMA. Those pictures, good or bad, where what the Homeowner’s claim were up against.

Unless the Homeowner could provide a higher level of proof of damage, they were left to the mercy of FEMA‘s photographer.

AboveAndBeyond.global provides its’ Homeowners with High definition Aerial Inspection Photography and 4K Ultra high definition Videography utilizing the latest technology in cameras and lens combinations to assert their rights to a proper Insurance Claim and/or Appeal. 

Hurricane IRMA caused massive of destruction and disruption throughout Florida, enough so that those affected deserve a little more than cursory area camera reviews.

Blue Roofs’ are not as prevalent as they were after the Three back to back Hurricanes of 2004 but they are there!

Area residents whom suffered damage were sent checks of $1,000 in total left to their own resources.

As Insurance Companies have taken to using UAV Technology, Residents too have been fighting back and appealing claims.

For perhaps the first time people are realizing that UAV / Drone Technology can and does work for them and not just the Government.

Today’s UAV / Drones are being used to submit ultra high definition, location tagged Photography and Videography of the damages they have have suffered – up close and personal.

That picture snapped from the street versus the Aerial high definition photos and videos provided to AboveAndBeyond.global’s  Customers has  given them to Appeal and receive the  funding to make them whole again.

Drones are coming to the aid of the everyday Homeowner enabling them to fight back in a way previously unavailable to them.

Insurance policies often carry a high deductible and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with professional level cameras are helping them adjudicate their claims more fairly.