FAA Re-authorization Act Requires Pilot certification

The newly signed FAA Authorization Act requires every Pilot, even recreational pilots to be Certified to fly and their aircraft to be registered.

The repeal of 336 means that the FAA now has the right to regulate model aircraft, including recreational drones.

Section 349 proposed rules include:
1- Aircraft MUST be flown strictly for recreation.
2- They must be flown within a community-based Organization’s (CBO) set of guidelines.
3- Must be flown within visual line of sight. (VLOS)
4- Must stay out of the way of manned aircraft.
5- Must be flown in Class G airspace under 400 feet AGL or have authorization.
6- Must be registered and marked. You can do that HERE: https://faadronezone.faa.gov/#/
7- The operator must pass an Aeronautical Knowledge Test

Traffic management software and the right to take over control of your aircraft for violation, is also in there.

The National Airspace is fully regulated and Customers should require proof of Pilot certification, UAV registration and any further airspace requirements before allowing flight for their purposes. It has been stated that ignorance of the newly enacted laws will not be an excuse or alleviate Companies from Fines etc.

Above And Beyond Global, LLC’ UAV’s are fully registered. Our Pilots are FAA Certified and when required we obtain additional Certificates of Authority. These Certificates are required in certain Airspace, such as close to an Airport or critical Infrastructure.