FAA Drone Enforcement Actions

As Remote ID approaches in September of 2023 whereupon all Drones and Remote Controller Locations will be Broadcast; The FAA continues to take enforcement actions against Pilots flying illegally.

It is important to note that Drones are considered Aircraft, Flying in the National Airspace. Commercial Pilots must be Certified and their Drones Registered with the FAA.

This from Attorney J.Rupprecht Law P.A.

What Are Some Important Lessons Revealed From These FAA Drone Enforcement Actions?

“Intentional BVLOS [Beyond Visual Line Of Sight] Is A Violation. The Philadelphia flyer guy was fined [$182,000.00] for intentionally flying his drone beyond radio line of sight which the FAA held to be a violation.

Realtors Can Get Popped. One realtor in Minnesota was fined $39,700 for multiple flights. “The purpose of flight 7 was to advertise a real estate listing for” XXXXX. If you dig into the SkyPan cases, the real estate brokerage firm had to respond to subpoenas from the FAA. This caused that brokerage firm time and money complying and turning over the documents. Why SkyPan’s customer did not get in trouble, they did have to speed time.”

The FAA has a Web Portal where Recreational Pilots can Register and take the “TRUST” instructional testing and where Commercial Pilots can apply for their 14 CFR Part 107 Certification.

The FAA has been instructed to keep the National Airspace Safe via the 2018 Congressional re-authorization act.

Flying and Safety compliance is not that hard to do.