Emergency Services

Above and Beyond provides assistance to Emergency Services when called upon.

 Airdata UAV|Drone Safety Verified Badge

We maintain and Pilot the latest technology in unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with navigational lighting (FAA requirement), 30x optical low light zoom camera, providing Services such as Search and Rescue, Missing Persons, close air support, Hazardous materials inspection, Fire Scene survey, post Disaster support, Aerial Survey equipped with the ability to Drop supplies.

City, County or State agencies are free to contact us for help during Emergencies. We are based in Florida’s Brevard County, the Space Coast, but are available as may be requested by any agency.

Homeowners, parents of missing children, etc. should always call 911 first.

We have State of Florida professionally trained Paramedic available as a FAA certified Pilot.

We utilize programmable software with RTK abilities for grid searches, Crime Scene documentation and Crash Scene forensics.

For chain of custody purposes, programming and computation is kept in house and off the cloud. All Data obtained is turned over to incident command.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are FAA Registered and operated by experienced FAA Certified Pilots operating under FAA Airspace Authorization and at the direction direction of Incident Command.

For confined areas, such as a school search, a Mavic 2 Pro UAV is available.


(+1) 321-541-7642


Inspire 1.v2 is outfitted with search lights as well as navigational lighting and a drop system for providing victim supplies etc.

The Matrice 210 RTK provides precise positioning data transferable to IC and can operate in harsh environmental conditions. Multi sensor capabilities are included such as the Zenmuse X5S micro four thirds UHD camera and the Zenmuse Z30, a 30 times optical zoom camera which also operates in Low Light conditions.


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