America remains behind as UAV Manufacturing Technology advances around the World

Many Americans remain unaware and uneducated on the advances made in the area of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and how they can be of use to them now and in the future as a safe and productive tool.

Quietly, Insurance companies, Energy companies and Agricultural entities are using overseas technology to better provide Americans goods and services while the “average” citizen remains scared of the possible avenue of threat.

What will it take to educate the U.S. population on the technology advances occurring all over the World, except here. Sure we’re in the software game but sadly we lack the public approval to be in the UAV Manufacturing game wholeheartedly. The Federal Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration need to take the lead in educating the public now.

A few States are pushing forward hoping that one day the FAA will catch up with the World at large and embrace the technology.

Senator Warner said recently that the FAA is preparing to give 10 states approval for the next level of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle experimentation, and he wants Virginia to be one of them.

Agriculture is just one industry that may benefit from drones. Warner said they could also be used for the inspection of power lines, bridges and roads.

The senator said he’d like to see the Virginia Department of Transportation become a national leader in using the technology.

The bad news, he said, is that 95 percent of UAV’s (Drones) {are} made in China. There’s no reason drones have to be manufactured abroad, Warner said. He doesn’t just want Virginians to use drones; he wants Virginians to make them.

“I’d love us not only to develop the applications here in Virginia, but I’d love for these to be built in Southside or Southwest Virginia,” Warner said. “I think that’s where part of the opportunity lies as well.”

Samantha Smith-Herndon is a research assistant with the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research specializing in precision agriculture.

She described the agency’s work in using drones equipped with remote sensors to monitor crop health. The agency works to educate farmers and make the technology available to them.

“This is next generation precision agriculture technology, so we want to focus on the next generation of farmers who are more likely to adopt this technology moving forward,” Smith-Herndon said.

The United States of America, through the Federal Department of Transportation’s division, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has moved slowly and cautiously through the allowance and certification of Unmanned Vehicle Systems Piloting programs in the National Airspace.

So slowly and cautiously that Companies that had originally started out here have failed and gone out of business as Countries like China prevail in the Technology. The U.S. now lags so far behind in allowing and limiting flights that the Manufacturing industry here is primarily one of software and payload development.

Americans themselves remain paranoid and uneducated about the technology and its advantages choosing to instead focus on the threat side of the equation, thanks, in part to the Nightly News and equating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with Military Drones.

Can Companies and the technology as a whole prosper in the United States when Television News Station Broadcasts focus mainly on the negative aspects and the occasional rouge Drone Flyer?

It’s past the time to educate the public on the possibilities and realities of the technology that they should be embracing. Authoritative agencies such as the Department of Transportation should be advocating the use and seeking to integrate the Commercial UAV Pilots in the communities now, while there is still time for the U.S. to play catch up.

While the focus appears to be on autonomous cars and their electric future its a salient point to remember and educate the public that the technologies used in these cars was first created and tested in Unmanned Vehicles.

If American Companies are to prosper in this safe and ever advancing technology space, the U.S. needs to speed up the Governmental processes holding America back. They need only to look at Europe and China and see the possibilities, as they have, at the economic advances and outcomes.