Above and Beyond Issued wide area Airspace Authorization

Above and Beyond Global, LLC  has been Issued “Wide Area / Blanket Area” Airspace Authorization by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Our FAA Certified Remote Pilot’s in Command now have National Airspace Authorization  in the KMLB  Controlled class “D” Airspace. This authorization facilitates getting our unmanned aerial vehicles into the Airspace faster and safer, making our clients top priority over those without such authorization or certification.

As the FAA and Local Law Enforcement agencies become more stringent with those seeking or tracked in our Flight controlled airspace part 107 certification and FAA authorization to be in the National Airspace will become paramount as Homeland Security and other agencies seek those whom are unauthorized to fly are caught taking pictures, requiring them to possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to keep our skies secure and each and everyone of us safe.

Citizens today  complain to both Local Law Enforcement and  Federal agencies to Enforce the fines, in place, on companies whom are currently disregarding the law and taking aerial pictures for Real Estate etc. Currently both a Real Estate Agent (Agency) and the photographer can be fined, with the Agent or Agency bearing the brunt of the bill.

The Facts state that a recreational or hobbyist flyer submits themselves to the Commercial rules the moment they take a digital picture with the intent to further efforts of a sale or stand to gain from publication.

The Goal and sole purpose is to keep our National Airspace Both Safe and Controlled via the Certifications and Licenses available and required. Citizens take little notice of a “NEWS” helicopter overhead but will cry “Invasion of Privacy” in a hot New York minute if and when a UAV should fly by their homes.